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Meet The Judges


Audrey Owens

Director of Enterprise, Brown Thomas Arnotts

Audrey Owens is the Director of Enterprise at Brown Thomas Arnotts, working to create extraordinary experiences for our customers. Audrey leads the department in introducing new business categories. Audrey has been with the business since 2005 and has garnered over 20 years of retail expertise in launching the most exciting brands to the Irish market and unforgettable experiences to customers.


Rachel Morgans

Buying Director Home & Living, Brown Thomas Arnotts

Rachel Morgans is the Buying Director for Home & Living at Brown Thomas Arnotts, working to source the most exciting homeware offer from around the world for our customers.  In her role as Buying Director, Rachel works across furniture, linens, electrical and gifting aiming to bring to life key trends that are happening within the homeware market along with contemporary ideas and must-have products. Rachel has previously held the position of Head of Buying for Finery London and Head of Buying at ASOS as well as Buying Director at Topman.


Diana Geraghty

Head of Sustainability, Brown Thomas Arnotts

Diana is responsible for the delivery of Brown Thomas Arnotts’ ‘Positive Change’ Sustainability Programme with the ambition of driving progress within our business, as well as supporting our customers to lead more sustainable lifestyles. BTA’s Positive Change programme focuses on every area of our business, from carbon reduction strategies and working towards transparent, ethical supply chains, to commitments on the sustainability of the materials, products and brands that we buy and sell. Diana holds a MSc in Business Sustainability from UCD’s Smurfit Graduate Business School and has spent the last decade in key sustainability roles in the FMCG, food service, packaging and retail sectors in Ireland as well as the UK and the US.

NO FEE 291 Arnotts Winner of Pitch 21.JPG

Peter Timlin & Richard Grimes

Co-Founders of PURE Clothing - Winners of Pitch '21

Founders Peter Timlin and Richard Grimes from Co. Sligo, were amongst five finalists who worked with our judges and traded in-store and online during November and December '21. Their brand ethos resulted in an authentic and high quality product which the Arnotts customer really responded to, seeing them awarded the €10,000 business development fund as winners.

Judges: Team
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